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Your Business has different needs than your home.  While the locks may work on the same principals as residential locks, the hardware is drastically different.  Commercial hardware needs to be stronger, more reliable, and able to withstand the grumpiest of employees on any given Monday.  In addition to being more robust, Commercial hardware must also take into account local fire and egress codes and standards.  If your locksmith doesn't understand the requirements, you may end up paying for work that the Fire Marshall may force you to change or remove (we've seen it happen).  Please (CLICK HERE) to find out more information about local codes and regulations.

We can Rekey your existing hardware and create or serviceMaster Key System (what's this?)  We can also service, repair, and upgrade your hardware to fit your needs and budget.  

Graphite Lock is built from the ground up to keep our overhead low, so we are able to offer some of the lowest service call and labor rates around.

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